No drilling Sicily, Yes to the Pantelleria protected area | WWF Italy

Reducing oil spill risk in the Strait of Sicily

The risk from oil extraction is affecting all the Mediterranean Sea, also affecting very sensitive areas and natural treasures.
Many restricted areas (within 12 miles from the coast or around protected areas) are  affected by instances, permits and concessions for exploration and drilling in such as is the case for the sea around Pantelleria in the Sicilian Channel, putting at risk nature and even human activities such as tourism and (sustainable) fisheries.

We stand for a future in which people live in harmony with nature. Investing in fossil fuels threatens the natural world. Investing in renewable energy will support a clean, sustainable future for all.

All countries have the right to promote –their own economic development, but this needs to be done by investing in renewable energy, in order to stop climate change and put ahead to the threats to biodiversity.

Follow our campaign and help us to say No to drilling in the Sicilian Channel, and Yes to the Pantelleria protected area.