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Pian Sant'Angelo (english version)

Pian Sant'Angelo
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The WWF nature reserve of Pian Sant'Angelo is a mosaic of natural environments and unique archaeological sites. It is a place where Nature and History come together: the landscape comprises several environments with centuries-old oaks and Falisci remains.

About Pian Sant’Angelo

WWF nature reserve Pian Sant’Angelo extends for 262 hectares in the Municipalities of Corchiano and Gallese, in provincial administration of Viterbo in a territory known as Agro Falisco.
An area of high nature value, particularly for the presence of ravines that vary in depth and size. The ravines formed after impressive volcanic eruptions followed by a long glacial period and represent a natural wonder in Europe.
The protected area is home to flourishing and wild natural environments as well as important archaeological remains.
The nature reserve protects important farming landscapes resulting in the preservation of a rich biodiversity. Hedges and solitary trees are home to many species.
Pian Sant’ Angelo hosts important archaeological remains: remains of the faliscan aqueduct known as “Ponte del Ponte”, archaic necropolis of the Orientalizing period with the important chamber tomb of the “Chief” and the large paving stones of via Amerina, can all be seen during the tour of the protected area.

Flora and fauna

The vegetation in the area alternates from mediterranean maquis enriched by the presence of species such as the tree heath, phillyrea , the strawberry tree to forest formations of mixed deciduous oak woodlands (dominated by downy oaks, turkey oaks, south European flowering ashes, ashes, common hazels, hornbeams and rowans) enriched with undergrowth. Since the end of all past harvesting activities, the forest is recovering its natural formation. In the nature reserve many wild orchids grow: these include Autumn Lady's-tresses, the only orchid to blossom in Autumn. Many other kind of flowers can be observed such as cistus, anemones and cyclamens.

The mosaic of habitats in the nature reserve are home to a wide diversity of animal species: these include the rare wild cat, hedgehogs, badgers, wild boars, foxes, dormice and weasels. Hares lives on the edge of the woods and fields. Wood pigeons, woodcocks and black-bellied plovers are common, while buzzards, kestrels, sparrowhawks and long-eared owls nest in the depths of the wooded canyons.

Most of the species living on the reserve premises are protected species and listened in the red list of endangered species. Among them is it worth mentioning the European freshwater crayfish. Others include Hermann's tortoise and many amphibian species, among which the Italian stream frog.

Research confirms a significant and diverse bird population: 93 species have been listed, 72 of which breed in the reserve and 35 are of conservation interest. Species include the buzzard, the peregrine falcon,  the sparrow-hawk, the wood pigeon, the woodcock, the quail, the black-bellied plover, the kestrel, the  long-eared owl, the bee eater, the skylark, the meadow pipit and the crested lark.

Visiting Pian Sant’ Angelo

In Pian Sant’Angelo a nature trail leads visitors through the variety of habitats. The first part of the path reaches the canyon edge, first winding its way through crop fields and olive groves and then into a deciduous woodland.  The rays of sunlight filtering through the flourishing vegetation in the ravines fall on the remains of the “Ponte del Ponte”, an impressive Etruscan-Faliscan structure that once worked as an aqueduct. A wood and earth staircase takes visitors across the tuff ridge where many rocky tombs that date back to the IV and the first half of the III century B.C. can be seen.The trail then leads to a quite flat land that in Spring is full of orchids and gives visitors the chance to observe  Mount Soratte.
In the woodland it is possible to reach a spring called “del granchio”, used since the Etruscan time.


conctat information and opening times

The nature reserve opens from January to July and from September to December.
Guided tours on advance booking only.
For groups of at least 10 people and school groups: every day on reservation.
If not stated otherwise in the event section, wintertime visits (from November to the first half of January) are usually possible only on Sundays.

Special openings are possible for photographers and birdwatchers, different entry conditions may apply. Please contact the reserve management for further information.

Phone number: +39 333 7576283, 
e-mail: piansantangelo@wwf.it

The meeting point is in the village of Corchiano, at the Natural Monuments and Good Local Practices Promotional Center, via Roma 46 (next to Piazza del Beragliere) at 9.45 in the morning and at 14,30 in the afternoon.

The trail is of medium difficulty, with some steep and slippery parts; visitors are asked to wear long trousers and trekking boots. The visit lasts around 3 hours.

For special events verify the place and time.
The scheduled program could vary due to weather conditions. It is warmly suggested to call for confirmation, especially during wintertime.


The nature reserve is located in the Falisco countryside, part of the middle Tiber valley and crosses the municipalities of Corchiano and Gallese, under the provincial administration of Viterbo. The village hosts the Bottega delle Buone Pratiche (Shop of Good Practices), in via Roma 46.
From Rome: take the Cassia Bis, follow the directions for Nepi, then Fabrica di Roma and Corchiano. The other option is to take the toll-way A1 and exit at Magliano Sabina, then head in the direction for Civita Castellana, then for Gallese and Corchiano.
From Viterbo: reach Fabrica di Roma then Corchiano


Places to visit

The Rio Fratta valley and the Forra di Corchiano Natural Monument, in the municipality with the same name, with important archaeological remains, among which stand out great cuts of Faliscan origin and a Roman bridge.
The historical center of Corchiano still has the medieval urban plan perfectly preserved and many churches among which Santa Maria del Soccorso.
Corchiano Municipality is part of the Association of Italian Virtuous Municipalities and won the 5 Stars Municipality Prize.

The historical center of Gallese with its perfectly preserved medieval urban plan, and the church of San Famiano. Gallese Municipality conserves the castle and the medieval walls as well as the Civic Museum “Mrco Scacchi”.

Il Castello delle Rocchette
A wonderful burg in miniature inside Magliano Sabina territory but of administrative competence of Gallese municipality and just a short distance from the village itself.


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  • La Taverna della Sperella ph. 0761/572092 e-mail taverna.sperella@alice.it  via Borgo Umberto 1 n°6. For groups (at least 5 people) by showing the Natural Reserve entrance ticket it is possible to chose between two menù (12 € and 15 €)
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Fabrica di Roma
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