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Bosco Rocconi (english version)

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Oasi WWF Bosco Rocconi
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High rock pinnacles dominate over the Albegna and Rigo rivers whose flowing waters have for thousands of years carved the spectacular canyons of Bosco Rocconi.
It is a wild yet gentile Oasis where it is possible to discover spectacular canyons and explore the Mediterranean woodland with its large centenary trees. It is the reign of the Lanner Falcon...

About Bosco Rocconi Oasis

Bosco Rocconi Oasis (130 ha) is at the junction between the Albenga river and its tributary Rigo. It is characterised by impressive calcareous walls carved by the flowing streams. The less severe slopes are covered by a deciduous forest once grown for coppicing. The steep terrain at the foot of the rock walls is covered by a Mediterranean evergreen forest with secular trees, some of which are of imposing size. The uneven orography of the area limited human activities during the centuries preserving this wild land.
The Oasis belongs to WWF Italy. It was acquired in 1995 with funds raised during the first “Operazione Beniamino” campaign. Private donations later allowed WWF to buy further land and expand the protected area.

Flora and Fauna

Oaks dominate most of the woodland. Wild fruit trees including wild pear and apple trees with amazing blossoms can be observed in spring. A thick undergrowth of common hawthorn, brooms and Erica intertwines with open patches of grassland where 28 species of wild orchids grow. Of particular interest is the flora of the Rocconi crags.

Home to many species of birds of prey, the inaccessible cliffs of Bosco Rocconi are also the preferred nesting site of the rare lanner falcon. The Oasis is also home to many other species including the peregrine falcon (see picture), the honey buzzard, and the majestic short-toed eagle, as well as the tawny owl, the horned owl, the little owl and the barn owl. Badgers, porcupines, beech martens, least weasels, European polecats and wild cats inhabit the most silent areas of the woods.

Visiting Bosco Rocconi Oasis

Meeting point for guided tours is at the Roccalbegna Main Square.  From here the reserve can be reached by car. The visit takes between 3 and 4 hours to complete. Visitors can choose between two different trails, the longer of which is approximately 6 kilometres with an altitude variation of about 200 metres.


There is a small visitor centre at the main entrance. A nature trail particularly suitable for school groups offers ample environmental education opportunities.

A birdwatching hide located on the cliff top offers the perfect chance to watch birds of prey including the lanner falcon.

More challenging excursions are available along trekking trails only on booking.


conctat information and opening times

Open all year round, the nature reserve can be visited only with a guide upon booking.

For bookings please contact: 320/8223972 or 0564/898829




Bosco Rocconi is in Tuscany 45 km away from Grosseto near the village of Roccalbegna.

It can be reached only by car: from south take the Grosseto exit from the S.S. Aurelia; coming from north take the Paganico exit from the Grosseto – Siena expressway.

Follow directions to Arcidosso and Roccalbegna.

Places to visit

Mount Labro, Saturnia thermal baths, Archeological Park “Città del tufo” (Sorano), Semproniano CRASM (WWF Sanctuary for wildlife and exotic species).

Overnight stays and restaurants

Overnight Stays
“Capra Matilda”  Tel 0564/980123 - 334/9447214 e-mail

In Roccalbegna a small guesthouse with 6/7 beds is available for visitors. Facilities include a small kitchen, wood stove, restroom with shower.

In Roccalbegna there are two restaurants: “La Grotta” and “La Pietra”. About 10 km away in Petricci is another restaurant “La Cerinella” with wine tasting.