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Valtrigona (english version)

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WWF Oasis of Valtrigona is a small valley in the Lagorai mountain range. The remarkable climatic fluctuations characterise the flora and the fauna of the area.
WWF Oasis of Valtrigona is dominated by beautiful woodlands and grasslands at varying altitudes of 1.600 to 2.200 metres in the heart of the Lagorai mountain range. The species of animals and plants that live in the Oasis are typical Alpine species.  

About Valtrigona Oasis

Valtrigona is a small valley in the Lagorai mountain range with an altitude extension that varies between 1.600 and 2.200 metres. This results in the great climatic fluctuations that determine the flora and fauna inhabiting the area.  The lower portion of the Oasis is covered with Norway spruce woods, while the higher altitudes are dominated by larch, Swiss pine and thick shrub vegetation.
The U-shaped valley and the presence of a glacial lake are the result of the moulding action of the glacial ages. Man contributed with important modifications by building alpine huts and creating pasture land.    
The nature reserve covers an extension of 235 hectares in the heart of the Lagorai mountain range.

Flora and Fauna

Woodlands of Norway spruce, larch, Swiss pine and some European silver fir, broad-leaves like European mountain ash and speckled alder. Mugo pine, Juniperus procumbens, Rhododendron spp and blueberries comprise most of the shrubs.
The mammal population includes deer, European roe deer, Rupicapra, foxes, stoats, least weasel, marten, Alpine marmot, mountain hare and squirrel.

Bird populations include the Western capercaillie, black grouse, rock ptarmigan, hazel grouse, golden eagle, Northern goshawk, Eurasian sparrowhawk, common kestrel, Eurasian pygmy owl, common raven, Alpine chough, spotted nutcracker, black woodpecker and great spotted woodpecker.

Among the amphibians are the common frog and Alpine newt. Reptiles include the common European viper and common lizard.

Visiting the nature reserve

Open all year round.
Guided tours for school groups are possible from May to October daily on booking.
Guided tours for groups (at least 10 people) take place on Saturdays and Sundays on booking from May through October.
It is forbidden to use touring skis on the trails.


The Nature Reserve belongs to WWF Italy. A portion of the Oasis was bought with funds raised during the Beniamino campaign dedicated to Italian forests.

Malga Valtrigona and Malga Agnelezza (Alpine huts) were both recently restored. These huts have a fundamental role for monitoring the Oasis, research and environmental education activities. The huts have been restored according to bio-architecture principles including the installation of photovoltaic panels.

conctat information and opening times

Open all year round, visitors are advised to visit from June to October.

Tour guides available for groups of minimum 10 (Saturdays and Sundays) on booking.

Please be aware that cross-country skiing is not allowed along the nature trails.

Phone: WWF Trentino Alto Adige +39 0461-231842
E-mail WWF Oasis of Valtrigona:



Valtrigona is in the municipality of Telve (TN) in Trentino. 

From the S.S. 47 Valsugana take the exit for Borgo Valsugana up to Telve town and then follow directions of Passo Manghen up to Malga Valtrighetta.

Park here and take the SAT 374 trail to the Nature Reserve (an approximately 45 minute trek).

Places to visit

The beautiful Lagorai mountain range and particularly the Sargonzano Pyramids.